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down to the mid 40's in northern suburbs. forecast today, and this is happening. high temperature of around 75 degrees. back in a few minutes to check the forecast for the weekend. that's a good morning to sarah. >> you say jacket. parka might be more appropriate. not bad out there. 95, 57 traveling and white march. area bridges checking -- checking out five. 61 aboard the harrisburg expressed by. 64 mph past edmonton on the west side. i-70 did a great shape. live your traffic outside. 83 looks great. light volume coming down from maryland to the beltway. the north side of the beltway at york road looks fine. that is the latest on traffic.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> our big story this morning, developments on the breaking news we gave you on this week against the bureaucrats and baltimore police are trying to decide who deliberately saw -- started fires. >> we are joined live from outside the apartment with the latest on investigations. and what's good morning. they say that molotov cocktails were crowned at the scene of both fires. it was just a morning just before 4:00 when residents of the park side gardens apartment complex book up to smoke and fire -- and fire on all three levels. seven people were taken to an area hospital with varying degrees of injuries. also a fire at another apartment complexes. buckley and no one was injured there. both were started by molotov
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cocktails, the work of an arsonist. please believe the incidents are connected and looking for clues. they are hanging science and sticking it permission around the information. these apartments appeared to be chosen at random. >> it does not appear based on the victim ology of the incidents that these are targeted. it could be as simple as juveniles playing a dangerous prank or if it is something more serious, we will be on that very quickly. >> the report is being offered for intermission leading to an arrest in this case. if anyone has information, call police right away. jennifer franciotti, wbal tv. >> >> in baltimore county cosmetics center is temporarily shut down this morning by state health officials investigate severe infections that killed one. three liposuction patients a day medspa in ammonium -- in tim
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onium were diagnosed instrep. two patients were released but the third died. rex the people came down with the same type of bacterial infection. >> the state health department's as cosmetic surgery centers like the monarchs med spa not licensed by the state of maryland. monarch said they had been in business for eight years and has successfully performed thousands of complications three surgeries by licensed professionals. >> city police have identified the woman whose body was found in a vacant parking lot of the the east baltimore. the 26 year-old's body was found near old con law earlier this week. investigators say she had been
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shot. police are investigating her death as a homicide. so far, no arrests have been made. baltimore county police have a charge a man accused of killing his parents inside their home. matthew long used a pair of 20 pound dumbbells and a knife to kill his grandparents. long then fled to oklahoma where police found unconscious in a hotel room with a note saying that i am sorry. he is being held in eight oklahoma detention center and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. >> observations and questions from the baltimore city council last night. a committee hearing was held to discuss what was learned during the derecho storm. the utility company took more than a week to restore power to more than 760,000 customers. >> we want to restore power. we want to do it in a way that is efficient and prompt.
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and in is a fashion. i think that -- in a safe fashion. people tend to forget the magnitude of the storm that came through. and the challenges to restore power tree >> officials say they are improving times. >> another lay game. seattle goes into extra innings. another o's extra inning. rex ty that one in the bottom of the test. the bases loaded. -- in the botom of the 10th. bases loaded. adam jones. his 30th dinger of the season. -- 3-1 have a23-1 win
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win. complete highlights coming up later this morning in sports. the orioles had back east to take out the red sox tomorrow night. the team is hoping to get fans pumped up. i did nothing that will be too hard to give your >> they announced a series of rallies starting tomorrow through october 1 in and around baltimore area. players will stop by the events before the next week's game. more than a dozen rallies are started -- are planned. it kicks off at the silver spring mining company and the cockeysville. pre-sale begins today for orel's playoff tickets. -- for orioles playoff tickets. we have a link on the page of our web site,
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will you be purchasing orioles playoff tickets this year? share your thoughts on and on our facebook page or send an e-mail miller -- an email. >> the time now -- 5:07. 50 degrees at the airport. evidence of vulnerability to a >> y security officials said the killings in libya last week were a terrorist attack. the latest details. >> and live at traffic on 1-83. >> and live at traffic on 1-83. things are moving smoothly [ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water
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from the first hands-free system, and micro-climate controls powered by twinchill technology, the new ge french door refrigerator puts fresh in a whole new light. come see the new ge french door refrigerator for yourself at bray & scarff. buy now and save up to $500. but hurry this incredible offer ends october 10th. come in today or visit online at >> welcome back.
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10 minutes after 5:00. the degrees downtown at the maryland science center. much cooler in the suburbs. might want to take a light jacket with the. in nice day today. patch of fog here and there. that will burn off a cliff this morning. 51 and the cockeysville. 49 in randallstown. about 75 this afternoon. mostly sunny skies. a few highs and clouds around very generally a nice day. when we come back, we will check the forecast for the weekend. >> top u.s. security officials are calling the killings at the u.s. consulate in benghazi last week a terrorist attack. three top u.s. security officials said the attack is
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evidence the u.s. continues to be vulnerable to terrorist attacks. while investigators work to sort out the facts, the family of the four men killed are laying their loved ones to rest. but the prosecutors to get additional charges during here's --a hearing today. he allegedly shot and killed 12 people in july and wounded 58 others during a midnight showing of the latest bad man moving. -- batman movie. >> the house government reform committee will hold a hearing this morning on operation fast and jerry's. comes in response to a report released wednesday from the justice -- from the inspector general. there is no evidence eric holder approval of the tactics or even knew about them. earlier this year, the committee held a contempt of congress to -- for his failure to produce documents. >> 5:11. 50 at be dead
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. millions of iphone 5's sold during pre orders, customers will not have to wait a little longer. >> when it comes to a fall vacation, it is not too late to get a good deal. tips for trips on a budget. >> a look at the area roads. we will help you with a morning we will help you with a morning to meet
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america runs on dunkin' coffee. >> weather and traffic together. >> good morning. a look at your morning commute. pretty smooth out there on the area roads. 63 on southbound 95 down from
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white marsh. if you want to have on southbound 795, speed at of round 61. towards our mills. running smoothly. closures due to the sinkhole repairs on monument street near patterson park. if he had not towards the bay bridge, everything looks good at the moment. a live in view of traffic. 95 at fort mchenry moving out of the toll plaza, no delays there. 295 outbound traffic at 175 to worth 32. in easy start this morning. that is the latest. let's get the latest on the buses and trains. >> good morning. we are moving all nicely on the rails. no delays on the camden are brunswick lines.
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if you bust the versions. 1161 diverting at charles and 28. construction there. clarks -- buses not going into the matter station due to construction there as well. back to you. >> good morning. a little patchy fog out there and does some neighborhoods. not a big deal for the morning to meet. temperatures are chilly. 50 at the airport. 48 in mount airy. 43 in frederick. warmer near the border -- water. the entire a mid-atlantic region under that chilly autumn air mass. 43 in oakland. 30's in northern pennsylvania. some of the valleys as well perry started to get to that part of the season where frost will be an issue perhaps in the mountains over the next couple weeks.
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somehow-- some high thin clouds. not rain producing but there will add a little color on the horizon during sunrise. precipitation across the great lakes. all that will fall apart by the time it gets over here. it will bump into a big area of high pressure. we should end up with a dry day to day and even tomorrow. the system will ripple across the u.s.-canadian border in keep that precipitation north of us. we will be dry for the next couple of days. a stock fund coming out of that same area will drift through here -- a stronger front coming out of that same area will just a year on the weekend. mid 70's this afternoon. sunrises at 6:53 this morning very nice tomorrow. a little warmer. high near 78. close to 80 on saturday. a few scattered showers and thunderstorms with the fund. not a wash out situation.
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71 months ended. high as 69 on monday. >> in the consumer alert, people waiting for the new iphone 5 will have to wait a little longer. the orders of the phone will not cheat -- will not ship until 3-5 weeks. the delays are due to high demand. apple pc more than 2 million pre-orders in the last -- with and for hours last week. front porches are making a big comeback. according to a census survey, two-thirds of new homes built mass -- billed last year had a porch. the number of garages is down. if you plan on taking it weekend getaway or a full vacation this fall, there is still awaited by
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great deal. expert tips on finding fault of the ways on a budget. >> it is not the most popular time for a vacation but fall can be a great time for a getaway on the budget. >> after labor day weekend but before the thanksgiving holiday, when the crowds are at a minimum, the temperatures are still mild and hotels are looking to fill rooms. travelers can take advantage of the great deals from barletta to las vegas and gary >> in addition to be travel destinations, the experts at orbitz said credit to be a fall garden. and get away at a beach town can also fit into a budget. >> places like charleston, south carolina. he's busy east coast towns all the way up to martha's vineyard. it will not the crowds because it is not 80-90 degrees outside anymore. >> head for hotels in the financial district on weekends. >> they are full of business travelers during the week. prices are at their peak on the weekends however, these hotels are lucky to fill the rooms.
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the leaders -- people will say more by staying in the business district than the theater and shopping areas. >> looking packages include airfare, hotel, and rental cars can also trim costs. >> goods information there. back to you. >> bank of america is cutting jobs and a bill to give veterans back into the more fat -- work force. >> good morning. doing fine this morning. getting ready for the weekend. he getting into that mode. the legislation that would never established a $1 billion jobs program that would put veterans back to work blocked on capitol hill yesterday. republicans say the spending in the bill violated limits that congress agreed to last year and democrats were two votes short of that 60 vote majority needed to waive the objection. it was intended to place
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veterans with jobs with local police and fire department. the wall street journal says bankamerica plans to slash 50 dozen dogs by the end of this year. this is part of a cost-cutting plan. they are closing branches and will have a smaller mortgage operation as it focuses on the more profitable parts of business. >weekly jobless claims numbers. futures are looking lower. yet today we got a slight boost in reports showing existing home sales rising in august to a two- year high. we already battle spam but get ready for unsolicited credit card applications and shopping catalogs in your mailbox. the post office is cutting deals with businesses and direct mail marketers to increase the number of sales pitches said by standard mail. the postal service is facing a huge dropoff in first-class mail and is leading billions of
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dollars. it is already stated it would run out of cash in october. im jane king. back to you. >> the that the more junk mail in my mailbox? >> yes, it does appear >> just checking. demint to plan -- problems with bankamerica's website is today. now chase customers having problems too? >> that's right. chase customers were not able to access their accounts. more on that votes are in -- the best burger chain in the country. it is not mcdonald's. see you again the next hour. thank you. >> the time is 5:22. 50 degrees at the airport. orioles matching back in full swing. how local school is changing
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colors for orange fever. >> the question of the day -- were you be purchasing orioles playoffs? she response on or are facebook page. -- send your response to
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>> mindy doggett trend where every wednesday, we will be rocking our orange for the orioles. >> some elementary students at the heart for counted are determined to show their arch spirit. students at north bend elementary school are taking legal orange challenge. the elementary, middle, and high schools across the state are demonstrating their orange prices all over the school. they decorated their entire school in orange.
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>> we had hot dogs, orange jello, barge napkins, orange cookies. but the orioles will announce the winner tomorrow. the winning school will get a visit from the oral bird and and orioles player. that is exciting the large bird has never paid it it was. there is our invitation. >> 5:26. still ahead. the report of education approved in the budget. like the tears -- details of where some of that money will go to gary >> police say too early morning fires as they were the result of arson. jennifer franciotti. details next. >> passing the buck and the blame. while lawmakers are not expected to get much done before the election. details next. >> another nice day today but we
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have a little bit of rain in the forecast over the weekend. >> we are watching as volume picked up and our cameras will let you know if there are any
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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news. live. local. late breaking. this is a lebanese today at 5:00 a.m.. >> good morning -- this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. stan stovall. >> what? >> you are so like not cool.
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let's move on. >> you were with us, though. >> i heard about it through the grapevine to request your going borrow on the internet. -- the grapevine. >> you are going viral on the internet. producers are telling us to shut up now. i will top rank -- longer any highow make them mad. it's a degrees right now at the airport. a chilly start for us on this thursday morning. we do not expect rain today. might want to take a light jacket to start. he will probably not needed this afternoon. up to 75 with plenty of sunshine mall this afternoon. >> and the producer has and eject button. it can happen any time. with a lot for your
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morning commute. not that bad. volume on the light side. starting tuesday buildup of the places like to 95 south down. -- starting to build up in places like to 95 southbound. the delays on the west side yet. closures and affect. for the south -- 97 amount 68 as a move towards 50. and live view of traffic. 95 at fort mchenry coming towards us. not bad at all. 895 at the harbor tunnel checking out five very area bridges in great shape. to 95 buildings out the 175 down towards 32. that is the latest. >> and a bill to give the
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government running past the end of the month could be headed towards president barack obama's death as early as today. >> this is a stop-gap measures that advises lawmakers and others six months to adjust the nation's fiscal challenges. more on the story. >> good morning. this is one of the last moves congress will make for a while since lawmakers are putting off until after the election. >> the senate move forward with a plan to keep the government running basically on autopilot but only for another six months jerry >> we have spent virtually the entire year avoiding doing a serious business. >> each side blamed the other for the gridlock. the spending bill, which already passed the house, will probably be the man last major a vote the senate takes before lawmakers take time off to campaign. >> , which has been doing a lot of political showmanship. >> working to make eight -- for
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the to make a political point is the political progress. >> we are the least productive congress since 1947 and a approving waiting in the single digits jury >> -- digits. >> it is kept republicans from doing a lot of the things they wanted to do because they cannot get anything passed the senate. it's kept obama from doing a lot of the things he was to do because he can i get anything through the house. >> we could see that vote on the spending bill keep the government going as early as today. but it make how the partly because rand paul wants an amendment first. a vote on that. >> let's talk after the election. what would happen with a lame- duck session of congress? >> talking about the fiscal cliff. but lawmakers are going to do
5:34 am
about that. the thistle cliff is this package of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts if congress cannot cut a deal on the budget. -- the fiscal cliff is this package of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts if congress cannot cut a deal on the budget. we may hit another recession. >> the but it wants that. thank you. >> a big story in baltimore this morning. officials are trying to find out who was responsible for setting wednesday morning fires on wednesday. jennifer franciotti was first on the scene then during back outside the barbara, but this morning. what is the latest on the investigation? like the morning -- there is a live during smell of smoke. police say molotov cocktails were found at the scenes of both fighters and they want to know who was responsible and why. like i had to climb out the
5:35 am
bedroom window. it was horrible. i was scared. i did not know what to do. >> if friday morning for residents of the park side garden apartment in north east -- a frightening morning for residents of the park side of garden apartments in northeast baltimore. there was a fire ended in another apartment complex. luckily no one was injured there. police say both were started by molotov cocktails, the work of an arsonist. >> i can tell you that it is a very dangerous arsonist. anyone who would firebomb a house where they could believe people were sleeping is dangerous and has an intent to kill. >> police believe the incident are connected and working along investigators looking for clues. they are hanging signs looking for information. >> it does not appear based on the two incidents that these are targeted.
5:36 am
it could be as simple as juvenile slanging very dangerous prank or if something more serious, will be on that very quickly. next fall apart -- 12 apartments were destroyed, leaving those families homeless. all the victims are expected to recover. they say the situation could of been a lot worse. >> it is a miracle everyone got out safely. that time in the morning, montana caucusers are meant to start a fire very quickly. -- molotov cocktails are meant to start a fire very quickly. >> there is police presence. the evening came up to us a while ago making sure everything is ok. a report is being offered to. anyone with information should call police. >> thank you. a competency hearing postponed for a man accused the cannibalism law judge waits to
5:37 am
see if the suspect is fit to stand child -- stand trial. they are sitting opinion on the cup -- on the competency of alexander kinyua, after police say he killed a family friend in harford county than eight parts of his body. -- then ate parts of his body a few days before, he beat a more as it stood with a bat, causing him to go blind. >> prosecutors failed to reach a plea agreement. does this relate to the use of state money and campaign funds. they were found guilty. austin is accused of using campaign money to pay with expenses. one of the reasons for the delay is whether austan can remain in office. she faces up to 80 months in jail on theft charges. in jail of the
5:38 am
charges. >> it to a different -- $240 million capital budget is approved. $135 million will go towards school renovations at 11 different schools. $11 million will help fund full day kindergarten and pre-k programs. the board passed a pay increase for teachers. it still needs approval from the state and county council. >> 50 degrees at the airport this morning. still ahead, clinical trials showing help for multiple sclerosis. >> the benefits of sesame oil alert for a >>h [bleep] purchasing orioles playoff tickets customer -- will you be purchasing orioles
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playoff tickets? >> keeping a close eye on the area roads if you're handing out area roads if you're handing out free of thursday mornin okay, what'ya havin?
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i'll have the build your own burger with a... sunny-side up egg, jack cheese, jill. and, uh... make it a double. inspiration can come from anywhere. build your own burgers are now at denny's. >> welcome back. the time is 5:41. 58 degrees downtown. 10 degrees cooler in some areas. might put to take a light jacket with the. not a lot to check -- to talk about. let's look at some of the numbers. 10 degrees cooler. randallstown, 51. the forecast for today, it will be immense amount this afternoon.
5:42 am
mostly sunny skies expected with a high temperature of around 75 degrees. when we come back, but what the 7 day forecast through the weekend. -- we will check the 7 day forecast to the weekend. >> an experimental drug to treat multiple sclerosis is showing promise in clinical trials. >> researchers have been studying a medication. it comes in pill form. patients must often get injections or infusions now which can come with serious side effects. bg 12 lesean to cut the number of ms we lapses in half -- bg cut theshown to number of ms relapses in half. >> you can taste the oil to cook. researchers found that using rice brand oil and sesame oil may help lower blood pressure.
5:43 am
the study -- a drop in bad cholesterol. antacids found in the polls might be the key. >> 80 degrees at the airport. -- 50 degrees at the airport. >> highlights from the latest coming up in sports. >> baltimore ranks and that the top three of the very dirty list. for the readers of a certain magazine. >> another winner weather wise. careful forecast up next. [ male announcer ] airtran airways is having a sale.
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>> weather and traffic together. >> good morning. here morning commute looks lose. no incidents at this hour.
5:46 am
68 as he moved east down on i-70 towards the beltway. 29 checks out ok. north and southbound in great shape. in checking speed on harrisburg expressed by. 69. if you're traveling on the jfx, closures on monument right at will street. we're moving very well out of the net. 50 at sandy point at the bay bridge. problem free. light volume there into the toll plaza. no problems to report in this area. further south on 95, still checking out fine in the white marsh area. that is the latest. >> we are looking at is moved commute on the mta now. no delays on the pen, camden -- penn or kim did.
5:47 am
east baltimore, the 58 bus diverting at willow and park slain. constructed. 311 and 61 diverting at chiles and 28. -- at charles and 28th. 500-44-44. back to you. >> good morning. not a lot happening to start the day today. patchy fog out there but that will not affect the traffic that much. it is chilly. he might want to take a light jacket with the. dipping into the low 40's in western suburbs. 43 in frederick. not cold enough for frost. dp at the airport. 61 in annapolis. this bill of off the air. temperatures dipping into the -- this dome of autumn air. temperatures dipping into the
5:48 am
40's. might be cold enough to get frost starting early next week. cloud cover showing appear on the satellite. that will make for a beautiful sunrise. the nearest precipitation is up and into the great lakes. rain around detroit. double state north of us because we did that will stay north of us. -- that will stay north of us. another fund dropping in on saturday. a chance for showers and thunderstorms. even that does not look like a big deal. we will make it into the mid 70's. mostly sunny skies. sunrise at 6:53. 7 day forecast to read another nice one tomorrow. a little warmer. high temperature near 78. close to 80 on saturday. a chance for a few showers and of the afternoon. the equinoxes -- 10:49 am on
5:49 am
saturday. autumn officially begins. chilly on sunday and monday. >> thank you. the national magazine day that some dirt on the city of baltimore. >> travel and leisure magazine lists baltimore as the third 30 is -- dirtiest city in america. it is based on the chlamys, littering, smoking. an army rats in the streets is a growing concern and request we have to help every constituent to not throw things in the sewers and make sure the trash is put out correctly and properly and we will have a clean city. >> last year, readers read baltimore the sixth dirtiest city. >> won the maryland is known for most besides the ravens, -- just mindy's dance the grass. maryland crab harvest led the
5:50 am
nation last year. 88 million pounds were caught last year. but it's good news for those to catch the blue crab but the value of the harvest has dropped nearly 50%. that is not good for them. >> crabs are good all the way around if he asked me. it is 50 degrees at the airport. which orioles that the the big time next week it last night. >> last lights winning maryland lottery numbers. i hope you had them.
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>> this morning we asked will you be purchasing orioles playoff tickets? >> kevin says absolutely. you never know if you will get a chance to see them in the playoffs again. we will read more responses in our next hour. >> 11 sports with keith middles. >> playoffs? the orioles are pushing towards that. they played another extra inning
5:54 am
game last night in the fourth lastwon. they beat the mariners in 11 innings to get a three game sweep and head to boston with a four game winning streak. an amazing season continues. the pact let's let the. -- touch last night. thought. chris david comes all the way around from first to score. 1-0 nothing. 11 in the 11th. 18 innings again? no, no. adam jones. 3-1, orioles. bottom of the 11th. runners at first and third. but a year he has had. here's how the game and. -- games ends. 29 innings in two games and the
5:55 am
orioles street in seattle for the first time in 15 years. they needed it. the yankees read the blue jays in a double header. -- sweeped the blue jays in a double header. he throws out jason nixks to end that threat. can swing it with a base hit. the yankees when 4-2 and 2-1 in a double header. the orioles now own control of the first wild-card spot because oakland loss last night. the ravens getting ready for sunday puzzle game with the new england patriots. prime-time football here on wbal-tv 11 news. a strange two weeks of the season. michael vick be driven by turn over the ball four times against the ravens. joe flacco and the ravens turned it over twice but whenever the ravens when the turnover
5:56 am
battle, especially when they force, they usually win the game. not on sunday. the three-point favorites on sunday night and a reminder -- a half hour special report on sunday before nbc x over a 7:00. >> plenty more to come in and of the next hour. how to michigan brothers were try to cash in on the unique idea. >> gov. martin o'malley joins the ravens linebacker in support of same-sex marriage. details of an upcoming fund raiser at 6:30. >> how many people we need to -- pull a train even a few feet? >> just one of the guns is all you need. that's it.
5:57 am
that is a quiet this morning. a little rain in the forecast over the weekend. i will show you the seven days in a few minutes. >> quiet for the most part of the major roadways. we will update you into our cameras coming up.
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>> this department fined turns out to be the work of an arsonist. police are looking for an arsonist. >>
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